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Reversible Satin Tie Paybae Bonnet

Reversible Satin Tie Paybae Bonnet

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The reversible double layer Paybae Bonnets are designed to protect your hair at night— especially if you are trying to preserve your natural hairstyle / locs/ braids or your curls. This bonnet is not only cute, but it's also made from double pieces of silk satin fabric that protects the hair throughout the night.

The Paybae Bonnet features a long tie with the Paybae monogram in addition to a large Paybae monogram on the back of the cap. The bonnets are soft, lightweight, and breathable. Plus, the long tie gives you the flexibility to tie the bonnet (in a cute bow) to prevent it from coming off while you are getting your beauty rest.

This is the perfect gift and the bonnets are available in in three colorways: black and pink, black and gold, and all pink. 

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