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Custom Beaded Multi Use Roach Clip

Custom Beaded Multi Use Roach Clip

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These custom hand made roach clips are the perfect multipurpose clip for everyday use as an ATM card holder clip, bracelet helper, roach clip, and more! These 6 inch custom beaded clips are designed by hand and made to order so please allow 2-3 days for fulfillment and processing time. 

You can currently choose one of multiple primary colors: pink, purple, blue, nude, red, white or black. You can also request an accent color of gold or silver at checkout or it will be randomly designed.

All clips will be made with clear, pearl, and/or white beads unless instructed NOT to do so in the notes at checkout. Upgrade your custom roach clip with a flawless gold or silver wire wrapping finish for an additional $5

We are currently not accepting any custom color request orders outside of these options. However, please feel free to request custom color mixes from the available colorways.

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